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Favorite Series

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 5
Not a new episode, it's a re-run from last season. Episode 5 doesn't air until 11-9. I hope it reflects right next week and we don't miss out on a week.
This Is Us Season 1 Episode 1
Brilliant first episode with an ending that wasn't expected! I think this show has a great future if it can stay on the path of the first episode and not become to soap operaish!
Wayward Pines
I enjoyed Season 1. As with most of M. Night's things since The Village, I watch wondering when it's going to take some weird turn and spoil a good thing. Season 2 is not bad; it's different than Season 1, and given the end of Season 1, it has to be. It does take a strange and uncomfortable turn towards the last few episodes of Season 2, and that turn comes to just a strange and uncomfortable end. All - in-all, for those expecting Season 2 to be Season 1, don't. I was not as impressed with
Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 7
Wow, didn't see that coming! This show is so brilliant! Love it!
Outcast Season 1 Episode 10
I'm glad I kept watching this series! It kept getting better through the season and a great episode! Looking forward to see what Season 2 brings!
The Five
Terrific mini-series! ( I call it that since it's only a season long). I've never read this book, but have other Harlan Coben books and think this was very well done! I had a small inkling towards the last few episodes but then got sent another direction! Loved the turns and the guessing game and was not at all dissapointed with any part of this!